Terms Of Service

Arrival Day
Natural Way Cleaning makes every effort to arrive on the date/time set. If for any reason we need to reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances, we
will contact you as soon as possible. If you are not given at least 2 days’ notice, we will credit you $50.00.

Arrival Time
We will give you a 2-hour window of estimated time of our arrival, you can expect a text message when we are on our way.
Preparing for Your Cleaning
It would be appreciated if items were picked up off the floor and counter tops. This allows the cleaning techs to clean more effectively without using the
time to pick things up. We do not clean nor put dishes away so please have this done prior to us coming out. If the sink is full, this area will be skipped.
If you want a room skipped, please leave a note for the staff and we will honor that request.

We love pets, but please secure all pets prior to your scheduled cleaning. Our cleaning techs our advised not to clean if animals are not put away, we
will not clean if they are let loose and you may be charged a $65.00 trip fee.

Method of Payment
We do not accept checks or cash. For first time clients and one-time cleanings you will be invoiced for services. The invoice must be paid before
booking with us. If the client would like to book us on a routine basis, we must have a card on file which will be charged after services have been
rendered. If you’d like to tip your cleaning team, please call or text us to make that arrangement.

We will be more than happy to reschedule your cleaning, but we do require 2 days’ notice. You must call in during office hours (M-S 8:00am-6:00pm).
If not given 2 days’ notice your card will be charged $50.00.

Most of our clients are very busy professionals and cannot be home when we arrive, we totally understand. However please make sure our cleaning
techs can get in. If the door is locked and we can’t get in, your card will be charged 50% of the invoice. Best way to avoid this is to provide a key, which
we will keep in a secure place.

Late Cancellation
We do reserve time for your cleaning and therefore require at least 2 days’ notice to cancel. If not given appropriate notice your card will be charged
$50.00. Canceling same day will result in your card being charged 50% of the invoice.

Cancellation of Service
We would hate to see you go, but you may cancel at any time with a 2 days’ notice to prevent a $50.00 charge to your card. Natural Way Cleaning also
reserves the right to cancel your service at any time.

Price Changes
The routine service price quoted is based on the time between cleanings, rescheduling your cleaning can result in your next cleaning being more than
or less than your last cleaning. For example, a bi-weekly client skips a cleaning, creating a 4-week interval between visits, the higher monthly rate will
apply to the next cleaning.

Rate Increases
Every year we reevaluate our costs and if need be, we may have to increase our rates. If for the new year we will be increasing rates, you will be
notified by email of this change.

Office Hours
Monday through Sunday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. During after hours, you may email us at, support@naturalwaycleaning.net or shoot us a text at,
(909)344-3742 and we will try to answer back promptly.

Cleaning Hours
Monday through Sunday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Keep in mind that weekend rates are higher.

Conditions/Items We Avoid
We have instructed our cleaning techs to leave certain items and areas untouched, such as items or areas containing any body fluids or excretions and
litter boxes. If your pet has an accident, it will be your responsibility to clean it up, our techs are advised to clean around these areas. Seasonal insect
infestation can also be a problem and may prevent us from completely cleaning your home. If ants, termites, roaches, fleas, etc., are encountered, we
will not clean that area. We will leave you a note or call you regarding the problem. If you have other items you prefer not cleaned or handled, please
call the office and we will arrange to avoid those areas, or you may simply leave a note. Our cleaning techs will not climb higher than a 2-step stool,
work on the outside of your home, move furniture or electronics, lift any objects over 10 pounds, or empty diaper pails. Any potential issues should be
addressed prior to booking, your card will be charged an additional 50% of the invoice if circumstances prevent our cleaning techs from servicing your
*Due to health and safety reasons our cleaning techs cannot remove their shoes. But boonies can be provided. This must be addressed prior to us
coming out.

24-hour Guarantee
We do all we can to make sure every client is completely satisfied with our service, however if you feel our cleaning was up to par, we will do what we
can to make it right. We do advise the client to be home to do a post walkthrough, but if you are not able to do so we will give you up to 24 hours to
report anything you are not satisfied with. Keep in mind we do not give refunds for work completed but will schedule a second trip to fix the area of

While we make every effort not to break or damage items, accidents do happen. Identical replacement is always attempted but not guaranteed. For
this reason, we request all irreplaceable items (whether monetarily or sentimentally valued) be stored and/or not cleaned by our staff. We must be
notified within 24 hours of service if damage is discovered. We reserve the option of repair or replace item before a monetary settlement. We are not
responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper installation of items, or for maintenance of your home (normal wear and tear that comes with
age and use). Please inform us if any items in your home are broken or improperly installed such as; blinds, tiles, curtain rods, loose carpet etc. All
surfaces (marble, granite, etc.) are assumed sealed and ready to clean without causing harm.

Although leaving a tip is not required, they are much appreciated. 100% of tips made are given to your cleaning crew. 15%-20% is the general.

Client Referral
Every time you refer a new client to us who uses our services, you will receive $25 off your next cleaning service.